10 Critical Steps to Winterize Your Home

By Julie Ryan Evans | Realtor.com

What’s the best flooring to boost your home’s resale value? Whether you’re selling your place or are just thinking about replacing what’s under your feet with something shiny and new, you’ll want to carefully consider which type of flooring you pick.

Because flooring matters—a lot. In fact, some experts believe it may be the single biggest factor when it comes to your return on investment (ROI).

“Flooring matters tremendously when selling a home,” says Stephan Burke, director of luxury real estate at Cassis Burke Collection with Brown Harris Stevens. “It immediately influences if the buyer will like the house as they walk into every room and hallway, kitchen, and even exterior patio.”

Choosing the right floor, however, isn’t always cut and dried. Here’s how to figure out which flooring is best for your home.

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10 Critical Steps to Winterize Your Home