9 03, 2020

Record-Low Mortgage Rates

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Mortgage rates hit a 3-year low, with more rate drops in sight Mortgage rates reached their lowest point in three years, sitting at 3.45 percent as of February 27, 2020. Though the Federal Reserve’s surprising rate cut isn’t expected to affect [...]

30 01, 2020

Real Estate Trends for 2020

By |2020-03-27T16:03:44-06:00January 30th, 2020|Investment News|0 Comments

Homeowners experienced a wild ride over the past decade. Ten years ago housing prices were down nationwide, then recovered and surged ahead. “It has, in fact, been the most consequential stretch in American real estate history, one that has fundamentally [...]

21 11, 2019

Alternatives to Foreclosure

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The years 2007 to 2012 were pretty rough for homeowners across the nation. Boulder County didn’t suffer nearly as much as other markets, such as Las Vegas and Phoenix, where homes lost a considerable amount of value. Boulder County [...]

1 10, 2019

The Buzz About Sustainable Housing

By |2019-10-01T15:44:17-06:00October 1st, 2019|Investment News|0 Comments

Is sustainable housing just a real estate buzz word or is it actually happening in the real estate industry? Sustainable housing is a multi-faceted and evolving term encompassing eco-friendly construction and design with low environmental impact and higher energy [...]

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